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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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We cover residential garage door repair needs! Our entire team is devoted to the needs of customers and our on-going training highlights our skills! Let us take care of your broken springs, damaged cables, noisy overhead door and malfunctioning opener. By offering full services and having the ability to respond fast, our technicians can serve all requests in timely fashion.

We start all maintenance visits with an initial Northport garage door inspection

Garage Door MaintenanceTaking the time to complete garage door troubleshooting regularly in Northport will ensure that minor issues are caught before they become major problems.  Identifying these issues is the first step in successful Northport garage door maintenance.

If we locate any issues, then we'll explain them to you and then make the needed maintenance on them. Even if no problem areas are located, there are several aspects of Northport garage door maintenance that we always complete to keep your door working properly. Regular Northport maintenance lubrication is important to prevent stuck gears and damaged parts, and we lubricate all moving parts that need it. Next we make any needed Northport garage door adjustment. Minor adjustments can make a huge difference in how your door operates.   

The various parts of your garage door that we inspect and maintain for you during a routine Northport garage door maintenance visit include:

* Door opener

* Cables

* Cable spool

* Panels

* Wiring

* Chain or belt, depending on your system

* Screw drive mechanisms

* Tracks

* Track wheels

* Torsion spring

* Extension spring

* Sensors

All of these parts play a big role in the longevity and performance of your garage door, and at Garage Door Repair Northport we pride ourselves on keeping them in the best shape possible. Every system is a little bit different, and our skilled professionals will be able to identify any issues quickly and solve your problems before they even start. Before the time comes to fix garage door in Northport, avoid the problem altogether with basic Northport garage door maintenance.

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